Welcome to Fem Art Collection!

In the 19th century, there were so many fantastic female artists! Why do we know so few of them? Were they ‘forgotten’, or excluded from art history, or even ‘erased’? Our non-profit foundation aims to disclose works and artists to the general public.

Our goals
1. We want to bring unknown, ‘forgotten’ female painters from the 19th and early 20th century out of obscurity and make their work & life known again to a large audience through collection, research, education and communication.
2. We conduct research into these artists and for the time being make our collection available online for the largest possible audience, and as soon as the collection is large enough also physically in a ‘Fem Art Museum’.
3. We promote various forms of interpretation, both art-historical and, for example, philosophical and psychological. This can lead to new, specific interpretations and views.
In order to reach our goals we will expand our collection, communicate with & enhance the knowledge of the general public and engage in educational programmes. For more details, see our Policy Plan and Activities.
We hope you will enjoy the art works. Come, have a look at our collection and remember their names.
When we have collected enough female masters and herstories, we plan to organise a (pop-up) Fem Art exhibitions. Until then follow us on twitter (@FemArtColl) and enjoy what is in our online museum.

Please support our work
The problem is, our non-profit foundation depends on gifts, donations and legacies.
As we are an official ‘Cultural ANBI’, your gift (in The Netherlands) is tax-deductable up to 125-150%! If you like our mission and believe in our work, please support us. All donations are welcome on NL85 ABNA 0115025219, so more works can be acquired and preserved. Thank you so much!