On this page we share the highlights of our Policy Plan.

The fact that we can name so few female painters does not mean that they were not there. In the view of the Fem Art Collection Foundation, the time is ripe to focus public attention on ‘forgotten’ unknown female painters and to make knowledge of their work and life available to the general public (just as more attention is now also being paid to female writers). We focus on the period 1850-1950.

In order to improve the male/female balance in art (history), the independent Fem Art Collection Foundation wants to draw the attention of a large audience to what has remained underexposed for centuries: the female contribution to painting, with an emphasis on the Low Countries.

1. The foundation wants to bring unknown, ‘forgotten’ painters (‘Unknown Beauty’) from the 19th and early 20th century out of obscurity and make their work & life known again to a large audience through the collection, research, education and communication.
2. The foundation conducts research into these artists and for the time being makes its collection available online for the largest possible audience, and as soon as the collection is large enough also physically in a ‘Fem Art Museum’.
3. The foundation promotes various forms of interpretation, both art-historical and, for example, philosophical and psychological. This can lead to new, special interpretations and views.

After the launch, all activities that we undertake are for the benefit of reaching these goals. The activities will be aimed at
– public & brand awareness;
– fundraising.
In order to allocate all funds to our objectives, all jobs (including chair) with the foundation are unpaid.

We aim to allocate 100% of our funds towards the goals of the foundation. There will be no ‘profits’ after exploitation. Each financial year runs from 1 January – 31 December. Our first financial report will be presented in the first half of 2023.