All activities are aimed at reaching our goals
– orientation & research into unknown ‘forgotten’ female painters & visiting exhibitions;
– raising funds, through donations, legacies and subsidies, such as the
Pr. Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Vriendenloterij, Friends of the Foundation, etc.;
– orientation on the art market like auctions, fairs, galeries and collectors;
– expanding and managing (purchasing and, if necessary, restoration) of our collection;
– maintaining an informative website;
– marketing & communication via social & art media; and by newsletters;
– publishing books that promote the goal;
– organizing meetings and lectures;
– participating in and/or organizing exhibitions;
– collaborating with other people/organizations that promote the goal, like connecting with a special work group on female artists (RKD, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum);
– the online disclosure of works/painters that are not yet in the Fem Art
Collection are listed, via the website – ‘Online Museum’;
– merchandise – eg sale of greeting cards of the works in the collection.
– in due course: larger public campaigns, e.g. a TV series about the life and work of unknown female painters from the period 1850-1950.

If unexpected opportunities arise, it will always be tested whether they contribute to the mission and objectives.

November/December 2022
– on November 26th 2022, we received official notice from de Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) that we are now a ‘Cultural ANBI’: which makes gifts tax-deductable up to 125-150%!
October/November 2022
– requesting the ANBI-status; we are hoping for a positive decision.
– adding pages to the Online Museum;
– visiting exhibitions on female artists (Vlieland, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Zutphen, Drachten en Deurne);
September/October 2022
Mission Statement & Policy Plan;
– Official papers in order to obtain our ABNAMRO bank account.
August 2022
– all preparatory steps and signing notary papers for the foundation of Fem Art Collection on 23rd August 2022;
– Registration at the KvK (Chamber of Commerce) and Tax Office.