Stilleven met sinaasappelen / Still life with oranges.

Oil on canvas, in excellent condition.
Signed lower right:   JvdK 1885

47 x 46 cm
66 x 65 cm incl. frame.

Fem Art Collection


Johanna Margaretha van de Kasteele
 (1858-1951) was a Dutch master of mostly still life, flower and fruit pieces, in oil and water colours, but she also painted portraits and landscapes (now in private collections).

Life & work
She was born in Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant) on 27th Augustus 1858.
From 1887 – 1894 she worked in the Utrecht area in Jutphaas (now Nieuwegein). On 5th April 1894 she married John Deodatus Waller, and in that year she moved to Driebergen where she lived and worked until her death on 17th May 1951.
She was a member of the Schilder- en Teekengenootschap Kunstliefde in Utrecht.

Exhibitions & museums
She exhibited her work at the exhibitions of Living Masters (Levende Meesters), which was rather unusual for a woman at that time. Her work was bought by private collectors as well as by museums.

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More of her works:

Johanna van de Kasteele
Still life with coconut

oil on panel
43.5 x 55.5 cm
signed & dated lower left: J. Kasteele 1901
private collection
© photo Van Ham





Johanna van de Kasteele

Still life with palet & brushes
oil on panel
45 x 53 cm.
signed lower left
private collection