On this page you will find some links to more 19th century female masters and (online) museums.

Female masters 19th century
Christa Zaat shares the same passion and she provides a large overview on facebook:  Female Artists in History.
Karin Haanappel writes books and gives lectures: HerStory of Art.
Paula Butterfield has written a lovely novel, based on the life & love of Berthe Morisot.
9 Trailblazing female painters of the 19th century, from Artnet.
The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to championing women through the arts.
Art Herstory displays paintings by women artists from the distant past, making these little-known works accessible to today’s art lovers. And don’t forget to visit their webshop!
Giving a voice to historic women artists is the mission of AWA in Florence.
Find out which female masters exhibited their work at the world famous 1893 Columbian Fair & Exposition in Chicago.
A website on female painters in French: femmespeintres.netheberg.fr

General art & online museums
Upcoming exhibitions on female art, you will find it here.
Our friends DenRon Collections offer an unique collection and a true online museum of memorabilia of Dutch Royalty, especcially Queen Wilhelmina.
Click here for the NMWA museum shop.

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