Nelly Goedewaagen (1880-1953)

Fruit still life (Fruit stilleven)
Oil on canvas on board
Hand signed lower left, s.d.
h x w: 32 x 49 cm

Fem Art Collection.

Pieternella Cornelia (Nelly) Goedewaagen was a Dutch artist, born in Gouda on August 16, 1880. She was a daughter of Aart Goedewaagen (1850-1927), director of ‘Goedewaagen’s Royal Dutch pipe and earthenware factories’ in Gouda, and of Anna Jeanne Henriette van Maarseveen (1857-1937).

Professional education and exhibitions
Around 1898-1899, Nelly Goedewaagen studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Den Haag (The Hague) and was taught by Aletta Ruijsch and Bernard Schregel. She made cityscapes, flower and fruit still lifes in impressionist style.
Goedewaagen was a member of Arti et Amicitiae, Sint Lucas and The Independents in Amsterdam, the Pictura Society in Dordrecht and the ODIS women painters association in Den Haag.
1913 – She showed her work at the exhibition ‘De Vrouw (The Woman) 1813-1913’ in Amsterdam;
1936 – March-April, an exhibition in her honour, Royal Art Hall Kleykamp, Den Haag.
1939 – Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, shared exhibition ‘Our contemporary Art’.

Nelly Goedewaagen remained single and dedicated her life to her art.
In 1950 she moved to Amersfoort. She died here at the age of 72, on February 16, 1953.