Geertruida (Truus) van Bemmel was born in Utrecht on 28th August 1887. This Dutch painter was known for her figures, portraits and still lifes. She also worked in water colours.

She studid at the Vrije Academie (Free Academy) in The Hague, the counterpart of Royal Academy in this town. Little is known about her private life. She moved from Utrecht to The Hague (Den Haag) to live and work. In October 1916 she married civil servant J.C. Pannekoek. After this she signed her work with ‘Pannekoek-van Bemmel’, usually in capitals.
Truus Pannekoek-van Bemmel died in The Hague on 26th October 1975.


Truus Pannekoek-van Bemmel
Reclining nude (Liggend naakt)
oil on canvas

Signed lower left, undated

90 x 60 cm

Fem Art Collection



In 1939 she took part in the joint exhibition for Dutch artists Our Temporary Art in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.
She also exhibited her work at ODIS, as she was a member of this association of female artists in The Hague.

“In times of social distress, the artist can do little positively to avert disaster, but he can, by helping to present national expressions at their most peculiar, strengthen the sense of community. When the interest of the public turns to this manifestation, which has not yet been seen in Holland on such a scale, many an artist will in turn feel strengthened.”
– Frederik Schmidt Degener, 1939*


Truus Pannekoek-van Bemmel

Portrait of Henri Phoenix Boddaert (1909-1984)

Signed lower right, 1934

Private Collection




*from the catalogue of Our Temporary Art (Onze Kunst van Heden, Rijksmuseum).